Sunday, April 3, 2011

From "C" to shining "C"

When I asked my family about what to post that had a "C" theme the answers were not helpful.  I got a great list like: Corn, callus, clams, cranky and candy.  Eclectic at best.

Felt like being a bit more existential and using the letter "C" for good not cranky candy eating clams or callus corn.  
  • Charity Water is an organization that aims to bring water to the one billion people that do not currently have access to clean drinking water.  There are multiple ways to be involved from volunteering to donation of money.                           

I am lucky to see acts of courage everyday, it is the best part about being a teacher.

When a struggling student ask for help from a fellow student there is courage.  When a teacher admits she has no answer to a question, there is courage.  When a parent reaches out to a school to better understand their child there is courage.  When  a child choses his own path instead of following the crowd, there is my most favorite kind of courage.

  • Compassion is healthy.  And it can be learned and strengthened.  Zen Habits, has a great article on the benefits of compassion in your life.  
The question for the day...
What is the most courageous act you have witnessed? 

Make it a charitable, courageous and compassionate week everyone.


  1. Lovely message. :) I've witnessed an oppressed people stand up and fight for democracy.

  2. I have probably seen many that did not register in my brain. So, I'd have to say watching the firemen entering the World Trade Center on 9-11/ I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  3. Tough one! I have witnessed a friend leave everything to take care of an orphanage in rural India.

  4. My daughter recently stood up to a bully at school. The principal then discovered that the bully was picking on several more kids that were just taking the harassment and staying quiet.

  5. Beautiful post! I love when bloggers post things that make us questions ourselves and our acts of kindness or courage. The most courageous thing I've ever heard was here at my high school. A very popular kid stood up for a teacher no one really liked. Someone called the teacher a "B" in front of the class and this popular kid stood up ready to fight because he believes no one should ever use that word! I work at a pretty rough school so to do this is unheard of!

  6. The most courageous act I have seen was my daughter standing up to a bully, which is huge deal when you are only 5 years old!! I LOVE that quote by EECummings, it becomes truer with each new generation.

    Great "C" post... I resorted to the 'eclectic' post myself, although I probably would have been better off had I written about corn calluses!

  7. I love it when I see those teachers who are in the position with their hearts set on seeing the best and potential in the kids. I know its the toughest job on the planet today, so it takes courage to put yourself out there as the one to instruct. However, I am sure the most rewarding.

  8. How about Charisma, Character, Confidence, Cojones, Confused(been there done that more than once), Crazy(yep, been there too), and lots more. I don't remember you asking but your "C" was way better than any I could come up with. Great Article!!! I'll have to ponder awhile to come up with an answer.