Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Justice league

Justice (noun) is the quality of being just; righteousness; equitableness; moral rightness.
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Teaching 7th grade you get to hear all day about what is fair and what is not fair.  And on a good day you will have at least a handful proclaim everything you do is not fair to them. What is just? At what age do we give up on the idea that we have to be the fighters for all things right and morally correct in this world?

Random:  I so had those Wonder Woman under-roos.  Mom would put on the special Wonder Woman tape and I would fly around jumping off the table to rescue stuffed animals in danger.  Ahh good times.

Justice was dispensed so easily back then.  Wrong and right had clear definitions. Today, it seems like many times those definitions are all grey with only smudges left at each polar end.  Wish I still had my high wasted bright blue panties, and could solve the worlds problems with a Wonder powers.  I also wish I had super sonic running...I struggle with running- bad ankles, bad knees and asthma that super sonic thing would be all right!  



  1. Me, too. Reality sucks sometimes. But then again, no one ever said life was easy. We just keep moving forward and make the best of it.

    Enjoyed the post.Especially the part about the Wonder Woman roos. Lucky duck! I never had those. See, life really isn't fair. Waaaah!


  2. My 5th graders also have plenty of opinions about fairness. They never like the "life's not fair" explanation I always have :)

    If you get some new WonderWoman underoos, please be SURE to fill us in!


  3. When my students would complain about the unfairness of things I would tell them that 'I don't make the rules, I just enjoy you suffering because of them.' Then they would ask me who was my favorite student and I would tell them that I disliked them all equally. That always got a laugh. Don't judge me. They took years off my life as they are doing to you - little time stealing parasites. Well at least you are developing a great immune system by working in that germ factory.

  4. ok. i totally have a wonder woman costume and with the combo of my long black hair, i do bear a striking resemblence.

    just sayin.

    i sometimes still pull out the ole fairness argument. not gonna lie.