Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Move On...

I too will fast.  The budget nonsense is making me nuts.  Our jobs are safe...but at what cost?

I have been to countries that do not care about education and ones that do.  There are tragic differences between the two that our country want to pretend don't exist.

Look at the make up of the country versus our current congress. A government of the people by the people should reflect the people.  

Call me old fashion.


  1. So true.

    I am deeply concerned by this also.

    Thanks for creating awareness via your blog.

  2. Oh cmon now, who needs education anyway? Teachers are just a bunch of babysitters...anyone can do that!

    Saw the best Bumper sticker the other day "Atleast the War on Education is going well."

    p.s before anyone starts getting angry, I'm a pinkslipped teacher in the beautiful state of California...yeah the state that kicks Education to the curb...le sigh.