Monday, April 18, 2011

Ovation for me the Kreativ Blogger

I must be on fire...with this blog. I once again have been given an award.  MumuGB at 40blogspot is so sweet and has the most interesting blog.  She is French and living in London...and the craziness ensues.  This time the award is for being creative.  Mmmuph...that is really nice I suppose I can be creative.  I do that poetry thing, that writing thing...alright I agree I'm awesome.    

The rules are:
1.  I need to pass on the Kreative Blog Award to 5 blogs, notify them and tell you 10 things about me that you don’t already know;

Not sure anyone wants to know 10 things about this will be 10 random thoughts:
1. I am scared of horses.  This fear is not limited to the equine family it extends to all giant animals.  If that are bigger than me then I don't want to be near them. 

2.  I am a procrastinator...hence why I did not do my taxes until last night...late.  There was cussing and a small bit of sweating.  I would try and lie and say it was glistening...but that was closer to flop sweat.  

3.  I spent the weekend visiting friends.  And now suddenly have  a huge urge to increase my life insurance and to write a will.  I have had a rash of horribly violent deaths occurring around is amazing the differences to the families of those that are prepared versus the other.  It is so much easier on the family when it is all ready.  So the project this summer write a will.  That won't be depressing.  

     Maybe I can make a party invite all my friends over and we can write wills together, go on a field trip to a notary republic.  Can't tell me I don't know a good time!

4. I am counting down to summer.  Kind of like when I was a kid in school.  I have so much planned and just want it to be here already. 

5.  I need to do my Spring cleaning...the house reminds me every time I walk into the bathroom.  (Stupid baseboards...stupid dog hair.) 

6.  I hate storms.  I have a giant tree in the back yard.  The tree is old, rotted basically a mess.  It is a wonder that it has lasted this long.  Every storm Mom and I sit and clench, worried that this will be the time it gives up and lets go.  I hacked some big branches off, then some just fell off, but there are enough to still worry.  The dogs love the tree and all the sad branches.  Snoop is positive that the tree is his personal fortress to hide his toys...ah that Snoop so positive.  

7.  I hate grading papers.  I know teachers are suppose to use that time to gather data on the learning of each student.  Once you have read the same horribly written paper once, having to read it written 20 different ways seems like mean and cruel punishment. 

8. My favorite season is Spring.  I love picnics.  Mainly I love to eat and be outside.  That is the perfect combination of the two. 

9.  I am surprised about how many really nice people I have met blogging.  When I started I thought it was this solitary endeavor, and it was for the first 6 months.  But especially lately I have been fortunate to meet and talk with some amazing folks.  

10.  I love awards.  I have a friend that randomly assigned awards.  I have received awards for most supportive comment, best tied shoes and most fun laugh.  Not to brag.  

Most Kreativ Blog winners: 
1.Calvin's Canadian Cave of Cool- You know how at work you have a really good friend that is the opposite sex, and everyone starts to refer to him as your work husband.  I am pretty sure Cal has to be my blog husband.  (Minus us ever having seen each other....and well he doesn't know about his assigned title.) He is hilarious, finds the best pictures and has the most creative story going about the cephalopods plotting to take over the world.   

2.  Momma on the Rocks- Is a 40 something mom that loves her life and her kids.  I can always count on her for a funny story and great pictures. 

3. Yum & Yuk- is a young lawyer who is in training for a triathlon.  She has extremely interesting links to articles on laws, amazing photographers and art, and post beautiful poems that she finds. 

4.  Curls and Coffee- Everyday she post a poem and a beautiful picture that goes with it.   Her poems are fluid, easy to follow and simply wonderful. 

5. Cinnamon Spice and Everything- Is a great cooking blog.  

What award do you think you have earned today?   Or what award would you like to bestow today?


  1. Blog Husband? I have never heard that phrase before but I love it. I have been a work husband many times but this is a new one. I think I am up for the challenge as long as I can still have a dozen pillows on the bed and you take your allergy medicine for all the cat captions that I do.

  2. I can confirm that you are totally on fire!!!Thanks for passing it on!

  3. congrats girl~ you deserve it!

    i smell the smoke from your blog burning up with hotness!