Thursday, April 7, 2011

Fun day Thursday

I present the letter "F."

I optimistically asked my 7th graders for school appropriate 'F' words.  Far, fart, frick, fudge (there were a number of combinations for fudge, fudgeballs for example) and then the favorite word that starts with f and ends with uck...firetruck.

Okay so that are in the same group as my family...not helpful.

Pretty sure I am going to talk about my most favorite  Could be that I am hungry.
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I have a secret desire to be related to Paula Deen.  I want to spend holidays with her.  I want to taste all of her rich decadent desserts.  I would love to help her whip up a cheesy Cowboy Chicken Casserole.  

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I am looking forward to summer.  I want to get back into my routine of hitting my Farmer's Markets and cooking healthy.  Don't get me wrong I have loved this time off the wagon.  But my chubby clothes are tight.  So it is time to build a new wagon and start again.

Till then...think I might make some of that good Cowboy Chicken Casserole.  


  1. Oh my gosh this post made me so hungry for Cowboy Chicken Casserole! I've never had it, but I've no doubt I would love it.

    I laughed about the firetruck, cute post!

  2. That casserole is RIGHT up my alley :) I like Paula Deen because she says, "You don't get to look like this without EATING the food." That always makes me smile. I've been on a big eat right/exercise kick lately because I hate realizing that my fat clothes are getting too tight :( I'm hoping springtime will inspire you.