Thursday, April 14, 2011

La, la, la, la, la la.....

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Love the letter "L" you can only make the letter with you left hand using your pointer finger and thumb.  It is fun to call people losers...using said motion...especially when one is nearing those ladies days and everyone around you seems to be a loser all the sudden.  (It is a miracle how they all regain their winner status once this tragic week is gone.

The letter "L" also means we are nearing the middle of the alphabet and the middle of the A to Z challenge. I've heard it said that as soon as you commit to something you will have a million challenges that will get in your way to test your resolve.  That has been so true it has been a busy and wild couple of weeks.

Back to the lacy letter "L."
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Every summer my sister and I would spend 2-3 weeks with my Grandparents on my mother's side.  My grandmother would plan all year for it.  Two strong able bodies to put to work.  That was when all the book shelves were dusted, flowerbeds got cleaned out, flowers planted and lady bugs released.  That last one was the best part.  She would buy them, and stick them in the fridge.  Then we were given the job of sprinkling them about.   I am not what you would call a bug enthusiast however the flashy red and black polka dots appealed to me.  I would put some on the flowers some in my hair, on my shirt, back to the flowers. Ah... those living accessories were so fun.  

Tonight my rampage of kindness got it right I am teaching in the drivers education classroom.  I have been dreading today since I last spent time with those little treasures on Monday.  Another two hours of notes on how to turn on a car and two hours of driving carelessly will kill.  Last Monday after two hours of how distractions kill I swung by Burger King grabbed dinner for the drive home then commenced to chowing down on my hour drive home.  Don't you dare worry I also drank my soda and switched channels on the radio taking time sing on my top favorites.  (Maybe I  need to pay more attention to that distractions powerpoint.)  


  1. This reminded me of the poem my grandma used to say, something about Lady bug lady bug fly away home, your house is on fire, your children are gone and then something something except for little Ann under the frying pan...

    Hmm. Grandma mighta been pulling my leg.


  2. I just LOVE a good ladybug! I found one crawling on me a few days ago. I've never thought of them as living accessories, but I kinda like it!