Monday, April 4, 2011

Latest adventures in publishing

Hanging in the door of a closing Borders
"The book" has started the process of being passed to the Alpha and Beta readers, yet again. This will be the last pass through.  It is nerve racking!  When I send it out I yearn for quick immediate responses.   Make that instant responses.  I stress out constantly when I see my readers in the hallways, see messages from them makes my heart skip then drops.  This is by far the worse stage.

The decision to self publish has been liberating and scary one. I am thrilled to be the one in charge, I do love to be the boss.  There seem to be a million small steps that no one tells you about.  In the beginning I wasted a ton of time tripping around them. I have been lucky. Several of the blogs I follow have had running series on this very subject.

The Passive Voice- Is written by a current litigation attorney that writes the blog as a passive observer. He links many articles on e-publishing and the current trends in the publishing industry.  The articles he selects are truly helpful "how to's."  My personal favorites are: 7 secrets to E-book publishing, 10 reasons writes should be blogging,  and how to Self-Promote  your Ebook. Many times writers think I'll just write a book and throw it on Amazon.  Following his blog helps writers transition from writers to indie publishers.

The Worst book every- Will also run the occasional article that are helpful hints and guides for new indie publishers. The one linked to the title is all about how the tags help sell your book.


  1. I can't imagine how nervewracking this whole process is, but I'm so excited for you! I know I don't have it in me to make it through this. Know that I'm thinking about you and have my fingers crossed!


  2. Good luck! Keep us posted. It must be a nightmare. I hate waiting, because I feel useless ...