Monday, April 25, 2011

Monday is an S

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It was a loud scary night.

I remember when I was kid I loved storms.  I could sleep so well listening to the blowing wind and the patter of drops.  Now I worry that the tree in the back will bust apart and will damage the house.  I worry that the roof will peel off and the house will flood.  I fear the lights will go out and mess up my alarms and I will be late to work.  Basically, I hate rain.

More rains are predicted to be on the way.  That is how I want to spend my Monday, crowed into an interior classroom with 90 kids.  Please, for all that is good and right let there me no tornado warnings.
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Had a little vase of sunshine waiting for me today.  My very good friend decided that I deserved flowers.  I love  her!

Pink tulips represent perfect happiness.  (It has to be true I found it online.) Ironic since the gift giving was inspired by a most unhappy of blog postings.  I do think that they brought me perfect joy today, even with all the gloom and doom outside.

 It is amazing how many blessings are around you when you take the time to look.
  1. Great friends
  2. Perfect job
  3. Loving family
  4. House that is still standing
  5. No hail damage on cars

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What made you smile today?


  1. The smell of the lilac bush.
    Laughing with my daughter.
    A butterfly.
    My husband.

    Nice post today.

  2. Thanks for joining in the Tuesday Blog hop!! I am over returning the love!

    And what made me smile today was seeing my baby girl giggling while playing with her daddy. Melts my heart.

  3. Hmm..i went to the park today with my man and my girls. that was really nice!

    Just wanted to pop in and thankyou for stopping by and following! I'm following you back!

  4. its nice to see you smile...boy i sure wish there are no more tornado warnings a few friends living that side...

    what made me smile ?
    the weighing machine....i lost 2 kilos.

  5. dude, if you have a job you even half way like, you better be so thankful!! that is truly a blessing.

    um, i LOVE RAIN! i want to move to seattle. must be the writer in me. i like gloominess.

  6. Hi Im a new follower from the Uk just popping in from the blog hop
    Love your blog
    please come visit me anytime

  7. Rainy days with students is no fun! And isn't it such a weird phenomenon that they act CRAZY when it rains or when the wind blows for that matter. Good luck with that! Praying for Sunshine for ya!