Thursday, April 21, 2011

Rickety Ridge of Ridiculousness

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I don't dance for looks creepy. I do enjoy the bunny theme for the week. Gotta love Easter.

I have to admit this...I am a little embarrassed but...I have  been doing the A to Z challenge and every single day I have to sing the alphabet song to figure out which letter I am on...don't judge.
No need to jump ship yet.  

I am so excited today is my Friday.  I have a long weekend just around the 7 hour bend.  I cannot stop thinking of all the fun Spring cleaning and cooking I will do these next few days.  I almost feel giddy.  Who knew?  

As a kid my mother had to sit in my room with me to make me clean or she knew I would sit and play with my toys and shove it all under my bed.  Under my bed is stuffed. Time to get in there and roll up my sleeves, throw on the  music grab those fancy cleaning gloves and get to work.  Friday has been declared cleaning day.  Cooking on Saturday then the rest of the weekend is for writing.  

Found out today I will be going to Seattle.  A friend of mine got two free tickets to any where.  We at first thought NY city but truly want to save that for her birthday.  So we will go to rainy Seattle instead.  Great for walking, eating and being chill.  I have only driven through Seattle thought it would be fun.  Might try to seek up North and get her, her very first stamp in her passport.  Hay.  


  1. I laughed at the picture with the bunnies, so funny and creepy as can be LOL LOL.

    Have a great holiday weekend! :)

  2. I come across weird pictures like that all the time and they always send my head spinning. When are you going on your Seatle trip? That is a long way from Texas. From brush fires to the sweet moldy damp of the Northwest. I hope your system can handle it. Have a good weekend and get that special rush we all get from organizing our lives.