Thursday, April 14, 2011


That means big party!!!

I have reached two big blog numbers this week...well today!

First, I have finally reached 90 followers.  I know we are not suppose to care about how big the number is...but well...I care!  I almost cried when I got follower number one, and high fived myself with number 50, when I got to 80 I was obnoxious and well I can barely stand myself with big number 90 today!

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I think it would be mighty nice if one of you would make a cake and bring it right on over to me today at the drivers ed school.   That might be the only thing to get me through a night with those charming pre-drivers.

I don't remember if I told ya'll...I am a tiny bit OCD.  Well you mix that with numbers oh golly, I am a mess.  I am not one who charts my numerological forecast...too much math.  But I love some numbers, distrust others and am extra happy when my numbers have balance.  I will never stop writing my book on page 199 or anything ending in 9, 126, 13, or  anything ending in 4.  I celebrate inside when I stop and am on word count number 1234.  Isn't that harmony.  Or even better 1224.

Well, that sordid little tirade was to inform the rest of the healthy public...and my 90 followers that I have 777 profile views.  7 is a widely known lucky number and I have 3.  I should play the lotto today because I am on fire.  


  1. Congrats on 90 followers! I am proud to say I am one of those 90.

  2. 90 followers, wow.

    happy for you.

  3. It seems I caught you at the cusp of your popularity. Along with the numbers do you also avoid sidewalk cracks? I remember what it was like to hit those bigger numbers. It's both validating and terrifying. Here's to the future.

  4. And now to Infinity and beyond!! You go girl!

  5. That's great. Before you know it, you'll have 100.

  6. I'm proud to be one of your 90! Such an exciting number. And when you when the lottery, will you send just a tiny bit my way? That would be so sweet of you...thanks :)