Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Comment for a Cup of Joe

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I was on the Twitters.  I know this is becoming some sort of crazy obsession.  I can't help it...makes me feel cool to talk with the stars.  And by stars I mean Beth Chapman (of Dog the  Bounty Hunter Fame), Jimmy Falon, and writers that have a single book released and frankly crack me up.  Well...something popped up and I had to share because it is freaking amazing.

I know that it is not a holiday.  This is no official day of patriotism.  But the troops are fighting.  They are away from home and some don't get the chance to hear from home everyday. There is a blog that is running a promotion because they rock!  TEAM Duncan  has declared that if you go to their site and make a comment. Just one...don't go all crazy.  Then they will send a cup of coffee to the troops.  For your single comment a soldier gets a shot of caffeine and a message of thanks. So please head on over and friend these good people and make a comment. Tell them I sent will make you look cool.  Or maybe not...but will make me smile.

If you would like to start your own drive or feel like sending coffee to an entire platoon then check out Green Bean Coffee. $2.00 will make them all happy.     


  1. Valerie, you ROCK! I would so hug you right now if I could!
    Brandi :)

  2. Thank you so much for this! It's one thing to Tweet about someone's post or post a link on a Facebook wall, but to write a post about it is incredibly humbling!

    My wife and I both appreciate it. :)