Sunday, July 24, 2011

Jealous wind

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I found the shade today. 

The sun fought to roast me.

Thin spindled limbs weaved together overhead. 

Below the path cleaved through the knots.

Dirt and rock it led me. 

Down a dark hill, the woven knit retreated.

The wind didn't bother to come.

She was angry.  

Jealous of the naked limbs.

A giant oak blocked
Photo Source
my way out. 

Perched in the mass of knots I saw myself. 

Or was it me on the path. 

The look was the same.

My feet hurt

head pounded

and my back drenched with chilled sweat.

Looking down the knobby lot I got the sign. 

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I do love to jump in a blog hop.  This post was written for two...Poetry Potluck a great gathering of like minded folks that share weekly, and Write on Wednesday.


  1. very creative love the last pic and how it was used...

  2. You paint a perfect picture with words, beautiful imagery. :-)

    "Perched in the mass of knots I saw myself."
    This is only one example, but you pack so much punch in just one line, wonderful! :-)

  3. love it, haunting and visual,
    powerful writing.

    Happy Potluck.

  4. Lovely verbal visuals, most enjoyable

  5. Wonderful writing. Very creative and so well done. Love the use of the sign at the end

  6. A beautiful way to beat the heat and find consolation at the same time.

  7. I love the descriptive words you've used to evoke the imagery of the tree.

  8. I like all the twisting and weaving and knots, I could feel the tension as I read. And the images you chose really add to the overall experience of your writing.

    I am loving what you bring to Write On Wednesday - and it's only Monday! Well done on being so quick off the mark. I am enjoying your poetry and will look forward to reading more from you.

  9. I love the pictures, really splendid :)
    nice poem as well :)
    enjoy the potluck!!!

  10. What an amazing piece and I love how you've added the photos to go with it, too!

  11. Oh, the pictures matched the words perfectly. I loved it.

    Anne @ Domesblissity

  12. This is amazing. I love poetry and only wish I could write it!

    The imagery and writing are so fascinating. Brilliant job!

  13. Nice little poem and I really liked the message at the end. Good writing and really innovative thoughts.

  14. Nice little poem and I really liked the message caption at the end. Good writing and innovative thoughts.

  15. Here with WoW. Thanks for taking us in a different direction. Poetry is such a perfect medium for a sensory piece prompted by a visual. I love your line: "Perched in the mass of knots I saw myself." To find ourselves in the midst of the knotty ordinary details of life that surround us is quite a find indeed!

  16. I really liked this. The language is beautiful. And I loved the photos, but I hope you don't mind me saying, I actually find them a distraction when they're placed in the middle of such a moody, moving piece.

  17. I loved the references to knots - as if trying to escape and then being bound again. Great drama. I loved the use of the photos as well, very clever!

  18. Love the imagery, heavy and strong. As Gill points out, you build great tension.