Monday, July 11, 2011

One to Ten...back again

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Sitting on the floor, my legs are tied in a knot.

Energy surges in a circular motion.

Core connected to arms. 

Arms touching legs. 

Legs bring it back to core.

My mind counts. 

One to ten. 

Ten to one. 

One to Ten.

Back again.

The minutes are indifferent. 

Opening your leaden eye lids feels forbidden.

Stillness exudes.  

*I have joined a poetry blogfest.  The rules are pretty simple and there is still time to jump and and join.  

1. Follow this blog
2. Sign up by filling out the Linky below
3. Write a Poem
(ANY kind of poem or you could even blog about 'why I hate poetry.' I'm cool with that.)
4. Post your poem the week of July 11th-14th (midnight PST)
You did it!
You can stop there if you want.

There is more for those that want greater involvement and reward.  Check it out it is a great way to meet people and sharpen up those writing skills.  


  1. ohhh I really like this poem. Especially the last few lines...

  2. loved the leaden eyes and forbidden line.