Saturday, July 9, 2011

Dog drove me to it

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Pretty sure this is what it looks like when I write.  I do have a similar body type. And my skin is almost that white.  I don't like the that allergy.  Maybe I just made that up.  On those hormone treatment...I have noticed that I might have a bit of an edge in the morning.  I go to sleep sweet as can be then when I wake up...boom.
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Well, minus the ax but I am pretty sure the hair is the same.  

I am wrapping up the Dog the Bounty Hunter series. 168 done.  That is a ton of time...but I couldn't stop.  When I wasn't watching I was totally googling.  I know creeper move.  They have interesting lives and I had to know more.  I so want a house in Colorado now or Hawaii.  Pretty sure Colorado would be better.  It was 105 yesterday.  I think the roof might melt, or was that the cars. 

After this last show...going to get started on my meditation.  I need good energy. I was weak last night...made a cake and it didn't have any leafy greens.  Think I will have a giant bowl of spinach...then a piece of cake.   
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I know it has to balance out somehow.  Right?


  1. Love all your pictures today! Makes me happy! Sending your happy vibes and yes, cake is the way to go. Forget about the greens... life's too short!