Sunday, July 17, 2011

Pockets Full of Pictures and other Fun Stuff

Photo Source

Loved this photo from Tumblr.  It is a part of the greater collage of them I am collecting on my picture blog. All my fellow bloggers should have something like this.  There are many times that we want to show our own photography but if you are like me that isn't always possible.  Having Tumblr there as a back up collection of images to pull from is essential.  Plus there are so many really cool things to see there.  Some nasty...but most are of the art and illustrations are amazing.

I have been on that great website  It randomly selects website pages that have been submitted and fit your taste. You register then select the topics that interest you. When ready start stumbling.  It is fun to spend a little time on there and see what inspiration you can gather.  I have found a ton of educational resources, writing stuff and found more beautiful pictures to submit to Tumblr.

In a random fit of "stumbling" I found to post I wanted to share.

  1. The Other Side of the Story has a great post on creating plot line for novels.  It walks you through using 9 steps.  I used it and have drafted out an exciting starting foundation for my third novel and next exciting series.  
  2. Publetariat is an interesting website that has some really great resources on writing, publishing and selling your next great novel. 

What is something that you have found on the interwebs that you really want to share with someone?  

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  1. Stumbleupon is very cool. Thanks so much for sharing! I haven't found anything earth-shatteringly interesting lately, but I'll certainly report back if/when I do!