Saturday, July 2, 2011

Hot Dog

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We are in the throws of a ridiculously hot Texas summer. It makes me dream, wish and plot for a cool hide away.   Maybe a tree house, tucked in a English forest would be a good hideaway.  All the rain would be a complete beat down though.  Everyplace has its draw back.

I shouldn't complain.  At least the electricity works, and the air conditioner is still limping along.  Rumor has it that the electric company will cut your air if you don't pay it.  Even if it is 98 outside, they don't care it will still be off.  "They" say that it is not an extreme temperature unless it gets to be officially three digits.  Have you ever been in Texas in July when it is 98?  It is extreme.  This is all rumor of course.  Okay, maybe not. You know I am very busy. I have had some stressful stuff going on this week.  Well apparently, paying the bill might have slipped my mind.  It happens. The family was not thrilled with my slacker ways.  They didn't can tell they are worried about me.  The electric was turned back always is. There were a few hours where I had the opportunity to pretend I lived in a sauna.  Jealous?
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This post is turning into my confessional.  I know the Catholic thing again, it sneaks up on you.  Or is because I am having a non-stop Dog the Bounty Hunter marathon.  It is a break from the Harry Potter.  I know it is my white trash roots coming through.  (It is the same reason I like going to the State Fair...bright lights and the smell of hot beer. Brings back family memories.)  If you are not a watcher of the Dog. you may wonder what the draw is.  Well, maybe it is Dog's mullet.  Or the fashion sense of Beth.  I think it is because I have relatives like them.  It is the joy of watching the "good guys" catching the criminals.  I admit it the car confessionals and the Dog guidance counsel in the SUV make me happy.  I gotta go...they are going after a crack head in East Raspberry.  They are gearing up time to bust in and make that catch.  This is the best part. Have a great Saturday!


  1. I love me some dog too. He is a guy who turned his life around and tries to do some good in this world. That is not to say that he doesn't mess up sometimes but we all do.

    I have to admit though that the real appeal for me is Baby Lisa and her overbite.

  2. Of course...Baby Lisa. Kal, you and those 20 somethings.

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  4. I have loved Dog since the beginning. He is gritty, that is the appeal for me. Did not like the seasons when he went back to Colorado. I like seeing the seedy side of Hawaii because it makes me less sad that I have yet to go there.