Saturday, July 9, 2011

Cranky liver?

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Hey, I'm talking to you.  Yeah you mister!

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I know you guys saw him.  This little guy is freaking adorable.  Famous photographer, David Slater, the photographer had the fortune of sitting with a family of  these guys. This little girl grabbed the camera and did what all young girls like to do..the self portrait.  She is pretty good.  

Finally heard back from the doctor.  Big sigh.  

Even though she had me reading the Cancer pamphlets in the office, made me give a detailed family history with Cancer and running around with a crazy amount of test...all the results came back  good.  The main problem I went for can be fixed with hormone treatments which I have already started.  The side effect is a little crankiness.  Maybe if I smile like this guy I can get away with it.  

The test did find that I had elevated liver enzymes.  She asked if I was a drinker...uh  no.  She said we will check it again in 6 weeks.  If the test come  back the same next time that I will need to see a specialist...because it could be "Fatty Liver."  Yewww.  Is that not the most disgusting thing you have ever heard?  I don't eat liver because it grosses me out.  The idea of mine being "fatty" gross. Good news is that it is a pretty easy thing to fix.  Weight loss, 30 minutes of working out, a better way to deal with stress and eat more leafy greens.  No problem right.     

Since then I have been good.  Well, mostly.  I have exercised, and been on top of the leafy greens.  I made mustard greens the first day.  It was tough.  That is a taste that you either like or don't.  I took it like medicine.   So now I am on the hunt for some delish dark leafy green recipes.  

What is your favorite recipe for dark leafy greens?  
Where do you find your favorite recipes for veggies? 


  1. Glad all is mostly well and treatable. :)

    I don't use a recipe for dark leafy greens. I pour them out of a bag and eat them as salad, lol. :)

  2. What an adorable smile!

    My favourite dark leafy green is spinach. Spinach salad with strawberries or hard boiled egg slices and a low-fat creamy poppyseed dressing -- yum! Or a hot dish like spinach enchiladas or spanakopita (spinach in filo pastry).

    I find that the best veggie recipes are in ethnic cookbooks, like East Indian or Moroccan, etc. The spices make them yummy without adding fattening cream, cheese or other sauces (which is the traditional WASP way of tarting up veg.)

    Good luck with that chubby liver.

  3. Glaed to here things are not as bad and you thought they would be. You can fix this. I like Pea Pods and eat them like candy and salads are awesome as long as they have croutons. What was my point again?

  4. Spinach! I love it anyway you make it!