Sunday, July 17, 2011

Waxing and waning love

I spend a ton of time in the car.  And this little ditty has been haunting me. 

This was released in April in the United Kingdom but it has only just recently been getting regular play time here in the states. It is the story of the singer, Adele, and her true love. For whatever reason their relationship didn't work out at that time. She never forgot him. During the time she wrote this she found out he was getting married. The song was written in a time of great depression for her.

I think most of us have felt something like this.  The song strikes a cord.  One that resonates deeply.  Tell those around you how you feel about them.  You don't know...if they will be there later the next day or if they will pass on by.  


  1. i posted this very video on my FB awhile ago, it is AMAZING!

    i love her voice and her lyrics are stellar

  2. I love, love, love, LOVE Adele! Thanks so much for sharing this...very poignant.


  3. I have heard this song, but never really listened to it. What a poignant, human story! I think you're right-- I think most people have had the feelings that this song describes. It's what makes us human and we should never forget that! Excellent post!

  4. oh this was my haunted heart for many years...reminds me to be thankful for being patient enough to wait on what the grand plan was to be