Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Write on Wednesday

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"It rained today, ladies."  

Not just outside, but I feel it in.

Bones grind together.

Dust, becomes living mud.

It washes down my calf onto the parking lot.

Desperate I try to gather it in a clinched fist.


I let it go.  

A little bit of me, in a raging sea.  

Watch out for high tide. 
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There are sharks out there.  

I hear they bite. 

I know they got me.

I found the most amazing blog today. A dear friend, Aunt J-Me says sshowed it to me.  Ink Paper Pen, has an interesting day...Write on Wednesday.  Her hope is to encourage people to see writing prompts around them.  

Today's prompt...status updates.  Join the fun. 

My facebook friend posted "It rained today" and the rest came from my 5 minute free write. 


  1. Great poem, V! I fight with mild depression sometimes and I get this sort of DOOM feeling. This poem describes that feeling for me.

  2. Powerful poem. I'm in awe of people who write good poetry. Well done.
    Jennifer, visiting from WoW

  3. Delightful, in a fierce kind of way!

  4. What a deeply emotional piece. Welcome to the group!

    Anne @ Domesblissity

  5. myVal, myVal, myVal...you inspire me as a writer and as a woman of value. You help me face the world with a little more joy. xoxox

  6. So much conveyed with your imagery, particularly with the line 'dust becomes living mud' - stunning.

  7. I am enjoying the different style of writing we are now getting at W.o.W. This is a powerful and emotive piece. The bit about desperately grabbing the mud and then giving up, feeling it is pointless? I think you captured the feeling of the whole piece here. Welcome to W.o.W. You are a wonderful addition to our group!


  8. Wandered over from WoW. I enjoyed your poem. Very emotive.