Friday, July 29, 2011

There is rumor of rain

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The meteorologist have been giddy school girls.  There is a hurricane/tropical storm coming for the Gulf Coast the rumor is there might be rain.  At this point I am not sure what that stuff is.  There may be dancing in the streets...well assuming I am not driving students.  Then it will be high blood pressure and sadness.  I hope I am home to enjoy it.  The white trash neighbors do put on a good show for occasions like somehow always turns into a drunken festival of cussing topped off with a fight.  Gotta love the hills. No fear I will have the camera handy.  The drunk do like their photo taken.  

I hope it rains.  I am getting tired of looking at....

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The desert is cool.  But I don't like it in the front yard.  I am way too white to have this kind of heat.  I step near sun and you can hear the hissing of burning flesh.  Maybe we could do a weekend trip to the coast and welcome the storm to town.  Sip a Margarita, while sitting in my lawn chair and see what blows in.  Can't be any more terrifying then driving a 15 year old first timer in rain slick streets.  

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Maybe I am a bit grouchy, today was an 8 hour day.  I have worked many jobs but sitting in that car for 8 hours I will have to stretch tonight to keep the whip lash at bay.  It is worth it.  It is all apart of the plan.  Work 20+ hours a week in job two and pay off the big creditors I owe in two years.  It will suck in every kind of way but after two years...the sky will open the angels will sing, unicorns and rainbows will own the sky and the clouds will be made of cotton candy.  

Okay...maybe not.  

But I will be able to move out of the white trashville.  I will miss the drug bust, the random drive byes, the swat teams stationed outside the house and my new favorite friend (the bipolar schizophrenic neighbor across the street who likes to send random threatening text messages at night.)  But I think they will carry on without me.  

Bring on the rain. Everything looks better after a good storm. 

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  1. Oh my this is not safe! I do hope you can move out of that neighborhood soon, that you get plenty of rain, and that you find lots of rest during afore-mentioned next two years. Don't we all have a helluva lotta debt to grapple with! Best of luck and keep your chin up!