Sunday, July 24, 2011

Fresh Breath

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Yesterday after writing my pitiful post I decided not to take the hormones.  It was the best day ever!  I cleaned.  I cooked.  I napped relentlessly.  I teased and joked with family.  I felt amazing.  I decided last night prescription be damned I'm only taking these puppies every other day.  It will keep me a sane productive member of society.  

I was reading the most amazing blog site yesterday, The Other Side of the Story, and I figured out what the problem was with my book.  It is a premise story not a plot novel. It can be fixed.  It will be fixed.  But it is okay if I step away...for a little bit.  It was after all my happy day.  So I started brainstorming, plotting and planning the next book.  Worked on it for 3 hours.  Not a ton of time.  I read yesterday that J.K. Rowlings planned for 5 years before she started any of the Harry Potter books.  That is a freakishly long time. Or is it?  It did work. She said when she started to write it was a matter of putting all of the notes and bits together.  Would love for my first draft to be that simple. 

Time to jump back in.

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  1. Darby and I watched her story on Lifetime last week and she worked on it forever before she ever showed it to her sister. In fact, that was apparently the first time she had ever shown anyone her work. She definitely showed that life gets in the way of anything being simple. You can do this, Miss! I believe in you!