Thursday, February 17, 2011

Blogger Ball: Some blogging secrets

Today is Blogger Ball day! Sounds like a fancy party with big poofy dresses.
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Oh man, I would completely wear this dress everywhere if I owned it.  Didn't store, walmart, church, school...everywhere.

Well, second thought she has got her boobies on...not really a church or school dress.

Besides..this isn't that kind of ball.

SheWrites is an amazing site where female bloggers/writers can socialize, network encourage and learn from one another.  I welcome all from the magical site and encourage all bloggers not yet members to go join now.  I mean  right now.  Well, read this first. Then go.

Some blogging Secrets:
Pretty safe to say secrets rock! Now that I have successfully tucked the big, humongous year under my belt...have a seat and let me share a bit.

  1. Share everyday...if possible.  It doesn't have to be 1,000 words for every post but be honest and regular.  
  2. Pictures for everything!  They are wonderful and illustrate your mood style and give the post flair.
  3. Site your work.  If you see an article that inspires you link it to the post.  If there is picture that you found link it to your post.  It will save some much heartache.  Not only that but keep an eye out for your own work.  
  4. Build your blog network.  This is a place where you have to get out of your bubble follow blogs and comment.  When you comment and follow others will do the same.  It is slow but it works.  It truly builds a network of friends you never knew were out there. I try to comment on 8-10 different blogs a day.  I know that may seem like a lot but once you make it a habit you get faster and it is fun.  
  5. The secret is there is no secret.  Write well, be funny/witty/amazing and people will continue to want to follow you.  It works.  It took me six months to get my first 10 followers and in the last 3 weeks I added 10 more.  


  1. I love that dress!
    I wish we still lived in an era where balls were commonplace!

    We plan on having a large ballroom built in our home! And I'm going to have an annual ball! :-)

    Thanks for the secrets, you just added another reader! :-)

  2. Ummmm pretty sure I'm going to need an invite. Then I just have to find this dress in a plus size...haaa.

    Welcome aboard!

  3. Super blogging tips. I particularly liked #5. You are SO right!

  4. Excellent advice, all!

    I do love your blog.

    As far as the dress goes. . . I have an equally unpractical dress in mind that I'd wear everywhere too. . . if it weren't for the whole strapless bra thing.

    Ladaisi Blog

  5. Great tips.

    As for the gown, I'm going to start wearing mine around the house when I'm cleaning.

  6. Wonderful tips.

    As for the gown, I'm going to start wearing an equally beautiful one when I'm doing housework.