Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Muddy beginnings: Blog's Belated Birthday

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I envy those that mark the biggest events in their lives with a definite date.  They earmark those days for future celebrations. Makes events concrete, more real if they have a date.
Unfortunately, my life lacks dated earmarks.  Strange really, you would think that a history teacher would be meticulous about dates.  I never understand that I am staring at a life turning point until the moment has slipped through my fingers and I am have had time to look and think about that pivotal moment when a new direction in my life unfolded.

My blog was started on Jan 2nd a year ago.  I wouldn't have known if there was not the published date tagged on your every post.  I didn't even think to look at it till I saw a rash of postings about blog birthdays.  I didn't think to celebrate....I think I will today.  I feel like I need a little celebrations...rough day with the littles.

Blog Best of 2010
1) My sad first post.  (I didn't really know what I was doing...don't judge.)
2) Best posting was "I have a secret." Was the most difficult to write.
3) Best photo taken for the blog. (Boiling porches are awesome!)
4) First follower...LeeChel.  (Love you!!) Shockingly, thought it would be family...but it took family a while to figure out how to follow me.  As of today only two do.

Biggest lesson learned
1) It takes time and persistence to build up even a small following.
2) Regular post will lead to more readers...seams simple but there is nothing simple about posting daily.
3) Even with the super easy format that Blogspot has you still have to be willing to dig in and learn HTML.

I am excited about what this next year brings for my writing career, and my blog.  I am thankful everyday that there are people that enjoy reading my post.  Without you I would be shouting at the basically a crazy person.  

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  1. Happy belated blog birthday!

    I'm terrible with dates too. I forget everyone's birthday, despite the fact that they are on my calendar. My parents are even used to receiving birthday cards at least a week after the actual date.

    Although this year I'm visiting my mom the day after her birthday (which is today), so she'll only get her card a day late. :)