Sunday, February 27, 2011

Shout out Sunday (Very first)

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I have not been at in this blogging world very long but have recently really gotten into blog hopping.  For those newer then I, blog hopping is strolling from one blog to another.  I start with a blog I follow then peruse the blogs they follow and the blogs they follow.  It leads you into an interesting path and to some truly amazing blogs you wouldn't have found otherwise.

Each week...or until forget...I will share with you the most interesting blogs I have come across.  It is like a mixer party...where you get to meet new people and see if you like them or not.

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Writing Blogs:
  1. Robin Sullivan's Write to Publish is a blog a have totally been loving this week. Robin is a writer and publisher and has her hand on the pulse of the transition that the industry is experiencing.  Her post are well researched.  She does the math and calculates what the numbers and data are saying about where the market is going.   A blogger for almost 4 years she is well written and smart with a smidgen of sass. I am always excited to see when her post pop up on my blog reader.  
  2. Write Meg, is written by Meghan.  Meghan has worked as a reader, columnist, editor and a writer.  Not only is her blog beautiful but extremely informative.  She reviews books, but her blog is so much more, there are beautiful pictures and random finds.  Her book reviews are honest and fair.  I can't wait to see what she thinks of my book.  
  3. Suzannah writes, Write it Sideways it is all things writing.  Not only are there a variety of post but they are interesting and instructional but they are great about addressing the organizational side of writing.  It is a documenting of her life as a writer with tips that we can use.  
  4. An E-Publisher's Manifesto is written by Aaron G. Niz.  Aaron is a writer that has just hit the exciting 1,000 copies of his books sold. In writing it is exciting to see an author that is a few steps in the process ahead of you be successful.  Aaron is funny and post on a pretty regular basis.  
Have a look around and enjoy the new links.  What are some of your favorite writing blogs?  


  1. Glad I found you; I too am a writer, and...lover of the natural world, mother, and part-time painter. I have to be careful not to spend more time reading about writing, than actually writing! But I'm getting the hang of it...

  2. I am really glad to find these blogs. I am writing a book (historical fiction) and I am excited to check these out.

    I have a science background and am applying to schools in the medical field, but reading and writing are passions of mine.

  3. I too do something similar to this. I cruise through the comments on blogs I enjoy and click on the blog links. I find all sorts of amazing, interesting blogs - just like yours (via a comment on The Pioneer Woman. I am so glad I found your blog. I love your style and am enjoying having a poke around. Please feel free to pop on over and check me out at (I am a newbie too, only a week old in fact).
    Anyway, I am off to poke around some more.