Friday, February 4, 2011

Truths that have to be accepted...but suck

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Was busy stumbling today.  It is what we do when avoiding doing the laundry? (Mission successful.)

Not looking for anything life changing..I found this treasure.  An article on 'Global One TV' called the Eight (harsh) Truths That Will Improve Your Life that tells it like it is. Don't you wish you had known these in your twenties. Each of these I have had to learn over and again...I'm not so quick on life lessons.

1.  Friends come and go.  I learned this tough lesson in middle school when my sister was at her sickest.  A good friend, my only friend at the time, decided that she would sit somewhere else at lunch and we were alone.  It was one of the saddest loneliest times of my life.  A hard lesson indeed.

2. You won't always get what you want. I have learned this on a regular basis since birth.  This was not as jarring as the other lessons.  It just was part of growing up.  Sometimes the thing you work toward you won't get.  It is okay.

3. Many people will love you but many will not. After the incident (see number 1) I was always surprised when people liked me.  Many more examples of the contrary.

4. Nobody can transform your life like you can.  In the Spring of my 8th grade year my parents were going through some marriage struggles...part of having a child that is sick.  There had been a huge storm.  One of the ten tree in the back yard was completely destroyed.  The sad thing laid in the yard, it was the external representation of the wreck we were on the inside.  I had been suffering a huge depression and my mother had enough of it.  She busted into my room, "You are the only one that can fix this."  She was out. It was like a light bulb went on, I felt empowered.  I looked around for the first thing that would be mine to accomplish...the backyard.  I grabbed a saw and the and clippers and set to work.  In a ridiculous moment of power I single-handedly chopped that mess into bits.  Stirred those bits into the compost and felt incredible. Mom was right...I control my own transformation.

5. Rain will sometimes come and cancel play.  In my case it is work will cancel play.  I think I have accepted this to the be rule not the occasional exception.

6. There may be no tomorrow. This one didn't hit me till my Grandmother died.  It is all the more reason to be authentic to who you are and let those around you know what they mean to you.

7. Someone else will always have more.  Again always accepted at my house.  Not just accepted but made into a fun past time.  After a long day of writing I do love pursing the internet and oogleing all the amazing things that people have wishing and dreaming.  Just makes it fun.

8. You are going to fail. I hate this lesson.  I have had to learn it way too many times. Some people weren't meant to understand Implied Economics and all those implied calculus equations.  I don't get regular calculus...implied, are you kidding me?  But it is very true when you fail it is the time of greatest growth and learning.  Let me just say...I have done a ton of learning.

What lessons do you think were left off the list?  Would love to learn your lessons.


  1. Love this. I'm showing it to my teenagers, with the hope that they might pay attention.

  2. Ah truths, so simple...yet, the most powerful words we can let in.

  3. these are such real truths.....that things come and go,and at the end of the day,the only thing that is still really left with you is yourself,and god.