Saturday, February 12, 2011

Stinkin Valentine's Day

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I am seeing the avalanche of postings on the blogs I follow about the amazing crafty things to do with hearts dripping in red and pink...ugh Valentines day.

I do love those colors but I'm not feeling it.

This is the one holiday of the year that offers up the highest amount of stress.  As a child I loved the day...was sure it was a holiday just for me. Being raised Catholic and having the name Valerie  I was positive that the name Valentines was some Latin rendition of my name about some amazing Valerie that did something unbelievable thing for love and it was a day to honor all Valeries. Ah youthful Utopians, nope it is instead a day of stomach aches.   
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If I am alone/single, you would think that would mean you can just relax and not worry about it.  Kind of like secretaries day.   My writing has not afforded me that luxury yet...I absolutely cannot wait till I have a secretary but that is a holiday I take a pass on for now.  It is not the same with Valentines day.  If you are alone then you are the one with no flowers, cards, annoying stuffed animals and worse of all no jewelry.  Meanwhile, all of your friends are throwing around with blushing smiles and all the thoughtful items they have been given.  While you got nothing.  Sometimes Mom has tried to lesson the blow by sending me flowers.  It is sweet, but the gig is up as soon as someone ask, "Those are pretty, who sent you those?"  

Then there is the weird gifting situation. When we were all little we had those decorated paper bags and everyone got a gift, well at least a card or something.  Now do you give into pressure and get cards and candy...I mean it isn't Halloween.  And what if you do schlep a bunch of useless candy up there and then don't get anything in return.  That is going to suck even more...then you are not only void of a life partner but have no friends.

On those miracles of Valentines days that you have a love it is even worse.  I hate not being in charge.  And this is one of those holidays where you have to sit back and trust.  So, your fate lies in the hands of a human that can't put trash in the trash can when it is one foot away, or pick up his socks. Looking at that dear sweet man of your's you hope he even remembers knowing full and well that he only hears about 30% of what you say on a good day.  I have spent those days waiting...every hour ticking by and getting more and more angry.  Then when I am all wound up out come the sad offerings that last minute men rejected on the Walgreen's shelves. Awesome! I always wanted a broken bear that sings, doesn't every near 40 year old.

So all of you lucky women with thoughtful spouses/life partners who come up with the most amazing surprises keep it to yourself.  Tell the rest of us about it on holidays we can a rousing 4th of July.  With a hot dog in hand and potato salad sitting on my plate watching some fireworks by the lake I can take just about anything.


  1. i'm with you val. i'm WITH YOU.

    couldn't have said it better myself. ;)

  2. Ok. So last night my husband came home at 9pm. 9PM. I said Happy Valentine's Day and handed him the 4-piece box of Stover's candy I had picked up last week. His eyes got big and then he stuffed the box in my shirt pocket and said Happy Valentine's Day back. I said We'll share them. (which is what I intended anyway.) I heated up some leftovers for him and he ate. We chatted over his dinner, ate the candies, and he started watching a TV show. And he kept watching it. I went on the computer for awhile. I strolled around the house, wondering what activity to do, back to the computer. Finally I turned out the kitchen and den lights, kissed him good night and went to bed. He stayed up watching tv.
    My husband has no celebration abilities whatsoever.