Thursday, February 10, 2011

Drivers Ed...on ice

Just when you start to think your life is quiet and maybe
..dare I say...boring...
you sit shotgun for the ride of your life.  

Yup, was back in the saddle tonight.  
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With ice still hugging the curbs and shady nooks on the streets out little Ford Focus was whipping around corners on two wheels, crawling up hills at a break neck 20 mph, not to mention the favorite... parallel parking. 
photo source

Gotta love the fresh smell of teen stress sweat, the high pitch giggles following the wild whipping of a steering wheel. Not everyone gets such special treatment, esteem building, and encouragement we get from our neighbors on the road.  What with all the horns blasting, finger throwing, cussing feels like we are part of a  parade.       
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The best part is when the last student parks the car and we all exhale thankful to be alive.  

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