Thursday, February 3, 2011

Crunch no more

I am by no means a work out maven.  Even at my best have never been compared to Jillian...shocking I know.
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I do have my moments where everyone at the gym knows my name...and not because I committed any embarrassing gym no no.  There have been summers when I worked out for three to four hours a day...and I loved it.  (I know...sicko right?)

 Those summers unfortunately have been followed by chubby winters.  Balance is a constant struggle for me.  I love extremes they are way more comfortable.  (Maybe that is why I like the weather we have been having.)  

I have been trying to back into my gym binge mode.  Not there yet...I am closer to the 'great now I'm sweaty and have to take another shower' mode.  I have been shlepping my friend with me to the gym.  She likes all the things I hate...cardio, steps...she is sick for sure.  I make her do all the things I love arms, back, and stomach.

Today she posted an article, No more Crunches, on my facebook page.  Pretty sure she is trying to send me a message. She does tend to toot when we crunch...I may be willing to let that exercise go.  

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