Thursday, February 3, 2011

Dogs, Snow and Mr. Toy

Mr. Toy has made a reappearance in the back yard.  I think he summered up North and returned with the snow.  Snoop is in love.  This small three inches of green turns 70 pounds of Snoop into a lightening quick mess. 

Three days ago, he discovered it squeaks.  Startled him so much that Mr. Toy popped right out of his mouth and flew behind the sofa.  I came out of bedroom to find Machie on his hind legs leaning against the wall looking down and fishing with one paw behind the sofa.  Too bad he doesn't have opposable thumbs.  I do, and saved the day.  It is what I live for.  

 Machie could care less about the stupid Mr. Toy.  However, he loses his mind when you get the "football" out.  I know it isn't a football. But they love to kick it so what are you going to do?
Raven tries to take it.  She is the smallest...but she bites feet.  Smart, when the big boys try to push you around bite their feet.  Raven, dog and career coach.  

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