Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Inspiration Wednesday

Photo Source
Love this painting by Laurie Justus Pace.  (A Texas artist, from East Texas, the area my book is set.)  

I envy this women...sitting there all sassy in a still place with a beverage and silence.  She could be waking up or about to go to bed.  

The drag of working two jobs really hits like a mac truck on Wednesday.  

The spring is gone from my step.  Monday I wore make up, today I didn't even brush my hair.  

I should get props for washing it even if it was yesterday. 

I dream of the weekend. 

Well right now I dream of a nap, or even caffeine would rock right now.
Photo Source
Reminds me of my 7 years of piano lessons.  

All I can play now is hot cross buns and the first 4 notes of Its a Small World.  (Don't be jealous.)

I mainly went because my piano teacher was adorable and told the best stories.  I have always been a sucker for a good story.


  1. I love the mixed media and overlapping colors. Leaves so much room for personal interpretation here.

    Ladaisi Blog

  2. Ladaisi,
    I love the mix media too. Love the combination of arts!

  3. Beautiful photos! I love my piano teacher too :) If only she hadn't moved to Mozambique to work in an orphanage...