Saturday, February 19, 2011

Saturday's Social Networking

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It was a busy Saturday punctuated by a most delightful movie night.  Long ago that use to mean me sitting on the sofa and watching a movie.  Now it me sitting on the sofa laptop on, my favorite accessory,  while I strolled through blogs, downloaded Picassa and worked with no luck at trying to figure out how to create one of those artful blog headers.

You bloggers inspire me with your meticulous collages all color coded in an explanation of your life laid out in 5 beautiful pictures with artful backgrounds.  I couldn't decide on pictures.  When I picked 5 they colors were all over the place and I couldn't decide on a theme.  Then I tried going with simple black and white and well lets just say it was a waste of time.  I'm as talented at collaging as I am at scrap-booking. Exhausting.

In the middle of this blog designing nightmare I had The Social Network on the first time as background noise.  The second...yes I watched it twice back to back... I actually watched it.

The movie was freaking amazing!  I did not feel that the portrayal of Mark Zuckerberg was negative I really liked him and felt like I understood him better after watching the film.  He reminded me of the students in my room that get the specialized areas of study but struggle to understand their peers.  I found the clumsy mistakes and specialized focus familiar and endearing.  I loved that he worked hard and determined his own fate.  What can I say I'm a complete sucker for an underdog movie!

So if you have any advice for the collage debacle advice would be awesome.  And if you need a great movie check out 'The Social Network' is a movie you should check out.


  1. Collage and scrapbooking is my thing. I have no idea what Picassa is, but I would imagine that it would not be hard to get something together. I could work on this at school with you one day! I'd be honored to help you out!

  2. Hi Valerie! I loved the movie too. Thanks for this post.