Saturday, March 5, 2011

I love Saturday

I love Saturdays. 
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Sleeping till my body is finished.  

Piddle around the house, cleaning random things that I felt like.  

Made some brunch, biscuits and hash-brown casserole.  I think it was calorie free.  Maybe.
Recipe Here
Not much planned today. 

Need to go to the bank, grocery store and was thinking about a walk.  

It is pretty cold outside.  Might just stay home watch old movies and write.  

Interesting finds to investigate....
  1. 17th century witch chronicles are found It amazes me the things  we have done to each other throughout history.  
  2. Amazing Anna Graceman song to new baby cousin. Sweet adorable and packed with talent. 
  3. Or maybe if you have a date today...check out these ideas
  4. Who doesn't love to read another story of Amanda Hocking, my hero.
  5. If you just need to relax, try this challenge.  
  6. Struggling with character development.
  7. And to end with an educational note...10 blogs you should be reading for personal finance


  1. "Sleeping till my body is finished." - This is the luxury I treasure most on weekends. Well said.

  2. I also slept in yesterday and it was AHHH-mazing!
    I also like the relaxation challenge and character development links!
    Thanks for posting these!