Friday, March 11, 2011

Let's give it up...for Friday!

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I think it might look like this leaving the school Friday.  

Well, except instead of students there will be elbows flying and teachers running. 

It has been a long stretch.  We are all ready for a break.  

My school district has kept silent about future budget cuts.  

We all know they are coming. 

Sets everyone on edge.  We worry. 

No one wants friends and great teachers to be forced to leave a profession that needs them. 

Especially when their return is so uncertain.   

I know I don't have the savings, or any idea how I would could live without my job. 

I tried it once, it was a disaster.

Write your Senators, and Representatives.  

I have.  
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  1. I am writing,too!! I am speaking out! It's a big issue here in Utah. Dumb senators and congressmen care more about guns and making it more difficult for illegal kids to go to college.

  2. Hey thanks for stopping by and leaving the sweet comment. Yes that walker looked scary to me too. I was glad she quit using it.

    Please know, you will be in my prayers with your job situation. I hope you have good stress-free weekend!

  3. Good post. My dad is a teacher too and would like to retire in five years - that is,, if they don't shut down the school he is working at altogether. So I feel your concern.

  4. I echo ladaisi. The state of our public schools is saddening. Have you seen the documentary "Waiting for Superman?" It's eye opening and enlightening. Here's to good teachers keeping their jobs!