Thursday, March 24, 2011

Terrible no good Thursday

Near Death experiences on the road today= 4 (Pretty good for 4 hours of drivers education.)

Don't know why, but like the idea of surprise roses growing under my skirt.

Today was Grumpy Thursday....I know I tried to force a Fist pump Thursday.  It didn't take.  Maybe because I go out of town for the Eat my way through Austin trip and still haven't packed, and have a huge laundry  list of to do I have to get through and still get to my drop off spot by 9:30 am.  And it is almost midnight.  

I am beginning to think I got some of that Charlie Sheen Tiger blood.  The kind that gets no sleep and still kicks butt!  Pretty sure I am going to crash.  Thank goodness I don't have to drive this weekend at all.  

Everyone have a great Friday.


  1. AWW!! I'm sorry Fist pump Thursday didn't take! I know how that goes... you try to be positive but something just wont let you! Hope your Friday and the rest of the weekend is fist pumpin' good times!

    p.s I'm so trying to Vicks Remedy. One of my students (HS) just told me to swallow a fingerfull of vicks...have you heard of this?

  2. Sorry Thursday was grumpy. I feel like Thursdays should be a stay at home with a good book day. I hope that your trip is fantastic though!!!

  3. I'm sorry you had a no good, very bad kind of Thursday :( Here's hoping your Friday was of the much better variety!


    PS---Hopefully your tiger's blood will wear off soon. It'd be a shame to see you suddenly take to making internet videos of complete, utter nonsense :)

  4. Ok random, I just heard about this tiger blood thing yesterday--did he really say that??

  5. Here's to a fist pump weekend! Cheers!