Saturday, March 26, 2011

Busy Weekends

Feeling a bit sad, I have missed you guys.  

Rushing around from meeting to restaurant doesn't leave much time for blogging and rewrites for book. 

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Cheers for the weekend:

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  • Stopped in West, and the kolaches are still amazing.  
  • Heard about Hula Hut from friends.  Had the pulled pork rolls it was yumm.  It had an hour wait.  From what they say that was pretty good.  We were all hungry so the conversation ran a bit dry, but the people watch was at a premium there.  
  • It was late when we finally got out of there. So we decided to cruise down 6th street.
  • It was starting to pick up down there.  We saw this cool pub crawler
It wasn't nearly this busy.
Drink and pedal.  The coolest idea for your fitness fanatic, who likes to drink. 

Lessons learned this weekend
  1. There is such a thing as "man-stinct."  The definition of man-stinct is the natural born genetic ability for a male to find a location without using a map or asking directions.  It may not be the fast route but they still get you there and will gloat relentlessly once they do. Bless their hearts. 
  2. If there are huge groups of people around me I stop talking.  I am too busy watching everyone else and trying to make up stories and dialogue for their conversations.  I had no focus at the Hula hut it was exhausting.  
  3. There are a million right ways to get to a single location.  Don't judge others if they don't go your right way. Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Glad you've had a good (if busy!) weekend. That drink and pedal cart is too cool! I've never seen anything like that.

    I'm also a big people watcher. One of my friends gets frustrated with me when we're around a big crowd because I stop talking and start watching :) There's just too much to see!


  2. Thanks Valerie -love your last post...Enjoy the rest of your we!