Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Investigating the neighborhood...a trip to the Cemetery

Isn't it this perfectly creepy?

I played hooky today, at least from one job.  I have been in desperate need of new glasses. The laptop has slowly been creeping up from my lap onto my chest. I never notice it.  It is not until the family starts to make fun of me that I think it could be odd.

Doctor said I was right.  I like being right, makes my chest swell with pride.  Well, on this occasion it wasn't awesome. I did walk away with new glasses.  They are Oscar's  black, very chic.

Mom wanted to have a mini-adventure.  I suppose watching me get the dreaded poof of air in my eyes didn't do it for her.  We visited the a cemetery down the street.  No better way to get a taste of the area you live in then looking at those tomb stones.
The show stopping family of the Smithfield Cemetery are the Tarwaters.   It is not every day you see a giant bird/gnome house with a matching rocking chair in the center of a cemetery.  Uber classy!
The Tarwaters not only like their birds but enjoy throwing a good tea party next to their lost loved ones. And don't be confused about the dear Tarwater's political/social beliefs.
They have flags.  It is Texas. Strangely we did see many stones like the one below, there must of been a sale on them in the early 1900s.
Beautiful, but creepy.  Is the pointing finger so the dead know where to go?  Or is to tell the neighbors where the family hopes they went?  There were plenty of them out there.
We also saw a number of these headstones.  It is a signature sign of the Masons in North Texas. The group called Woodmen were part of the Roots group of Masons. From what I can find, the Woodmen was a benefits organization that acted as a life insurer for the Masons.

I love this picture.  Looks like the tree ate the grave stones.  I would love to have a giant Texas ceder planted on my grave.  It is like a chance to live each spring you get to stretch and dance in the wind. If you get some free time go check out those grave yards.  Great stuff!


  1. Isn't it intereting going to cemetaries that hold such ornate headstones? Here in Southern Cali, there is a cemetary called Hollywood Forever which has some of old Hollywood stars burried there. It's very interesting. In the summer, they have old movies projected onto the mozaleum wall. You can bring a picnic and eat on the field next to the tombstones.

  2. This post is very funny to me for two reasons: I too must go get glasses at some point and am terrified of having air blown into my eyes, and I have also spent quite a bit of time traipsing through cemetaries reading tombstones. What kind of special kooks that makes us, I'm not sure, but it is somewhat entertaining.

    I especially prefer the really old graveyards.

    The finger pointing up made me laugh. You should've reversed the stone, as a joke. ;)

  3. Haunting photos. My fave is the one with the hand pointing up. Thanks for sharing :)

  4. I am thrilled!

    We don't have such grave- yards around- if I may say- serene? Anyday I get an opportunity to fly around the world, I'll make sure you take me to this place.

    I like unusual things and definitely would love to find yet another haunt :)

    Hugs xxx