Sunday, March 6, 2011

Shout Out Sunday II

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I can hardly believe it, I remembered and we have the bimonthly anniversary of Shout Out Sunday, part two.

In my rambling about the past year, especially the last two months I have been lucky enough to find some really amazing blogs. The women writers for these are strong and have a personable writing voice that can only give me one title for this selection:  Power Woman.(everything is official if you underline it.)

  1. Ladaisi- is a blog buddy from early on.  She was one of the first to follow me who I did not actually know.  (Meaning I didn't beg her to.)  Her blog is whimsical, fun.  As you read her post you feel like one of the family, or even better a best girlfriend.  She has amazing style, is a great artist and will one day own a fabulous coffee shop and will live above it. I have promoted her blog before, because I love it and her.  You will too.  
  2. Bluntdelivery- I stumbled into her sight and wondered how there could be another me out there without anyone telling me.  She is sassy and a tiny bit angry.  It is all a mask for all the insecurities that we all face.  She puts to words my inner dialogue that I try to hide from others.  She is obsessed with Barbie and  is an amazing photographer.  She will crack you up.
  3. A Drizzle of Sunshine- is written by Joanna.  She fits right in with the sassy, quirky ladies. Joanna is a teacher by day,  well for now (she is part of the massive teacher layoffs.) She dreams of being a great chef.  She has unique recipes with beautiful pictures.  Sarcastic with great taste and a fun to read. 
  4. Wayfaring Chocolate-is written by Hannah a woman with a powerful love for chocolate, a woman after my own heart. Her photography is beautiful and enticing.  Her blog is not only filled recipes but also random bits about her day.  I loved her post about the nasty tandoori chicken. She is fun and different. 


  1. Oh wow this is amazing! I am so honored to be included in this! Thank you. ;)

    I love reading your blog as well. You have always been my favorite blogger to post on SeededBuzz - which I think is how we met?

    Also, I love this post idea. I'm going to have to borrow it.

  2. Or rather ... "met." Virtual reality check.

    Just kidding. I consider my internet friends real friends. In fact, in many ways, much more real than those I have met in person.

  3. Also . . . I've been trying to find an email address so I could ask via a different forum. . . but I can't seem to find one for you. I'm doing a creativity guest post week at the end of March and I would love to include a piece from you! The entire week will focus on the creative process for several different bloggers, regarding their particular craft. If this sounds like something you'd be interested in, please email me at and I'll let you know a bit more!

  4. *laughs and laughs* Oh, Valerie, I am so honoured and touched by your kind, kind words, and yet I can't stop giggling at the fact that you particularly highlighted the tandoori chicken adventure. :D It's moments like these that make me proud to be a complete and utter nincompoop.

    Thank you so much. I can't stop smiling right now, and I'm truly happy to have met you too :) :)

  5. hey hey hey!!! thanks for the shout out little twinsie!

    glad we found each other!

  6. Love reading your blog Valerie...I will be back...