Saturday, March 5, 2011

She Writes Blogger Redux

Welcome to SheWrites Blogger Redux

SheWrites is a community of writers that are all female and eager to help each other out.  There are forums, groups and a community blog.  There are also the ever important critique groups.

This writing blog ball was organized by Meg Waite Clayton.  I love a good blog ball.  You meet  so many fun new people and get the chance to participate in conversations with them.

To all my new guest, I welcome you.  Allow me to introduce myself. I love writing, pretty pictures, babies with chubby cheeks, dogs well any animal and did I say writing?  I work two jobs and it sucks!  I yearn for the day when my writing will be my full time occupation.

Till then, I write instead of sleep.

I invite you to come in, sit a spell, take a look around and please introduce yourselves.  We would love to say hellos.


  1. Hello Furnas! Just stopping by to peruse your blog. Thank you for stopping over at mine. ;) We definitely share a love for company and stories.



  2. >Till then, I write instead of sleep.

    This is the best way I know of to get to the luxury of writing as full-time work.


    So glad you could join us for the she writes hop!


  3. Two jobs AND write? I am impressed...and tired just thinking about it!

  4. Hello there! Just dropped in through the Blog Hop. Looking forward to followwing your blog!xx

  5. V - I finally made it over...a very busy weekend. Your writing is young and vibrant, good prose, and great narrative non-fiction (aka journal writing). Very easy to follow and entertaining.

    May I be so forward as to make one suggestion? Perhaps you could consider one more copy edit review prior to clicking publish ...just a thought. Your content and flow are so much fun, I'd hate to think of anyone stumbling because of edits.

    Thanks again for introducing me to your site. I will be back :~)

    Meg - Thanks for pointing out the tip on f.t. writing.

  6. Wow thank you everyone for stopping by! I always love seeing new faces and finding out about all of you.

  7. Hi! stopping by from the blog hop. I feel your pain, although I don't work two jobs my one job requires me to be on call 24/7 plus work my regular 50 hours per week. I write when my family goes to bed or sometimes when I instead of going to lunch. I wish you luck if your blog is any indication of your writing style I would be a loyal reader.