Monday, March 28, 2011

Do you still have hang ups from school?

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Is it the cringing and acid reflux you feel when you see a cafeteria?  Or wait is it the sweaty palms and stomachache from the smell of a gym?

While wondering about, I found a post by Douglas Ackerman, Doug's Odd Box. In the article we discussed his secret desire every time he hears the blaring blow of a fire alarm.  He blames it on a rooted desire to get out of Math class.

I have to admit I too have secret hang ups from my school days.  I can't look at a school bus without feeling my knees cramp from being on it two to a seat.  Feeling the anxiety of having to get a seat, and not wanting to sit next to the wrong person.  
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I don't like buses still. On field trips I try my best to get that seat up front, all to myself.  

What hang up do you still have? 


  1. Yuck! I just had flashbacks of my own bus experiences...I don't think anyone had good times on the bus! I can't have hang-ups about school because I work in one...I'd be depressed daily!

  2. I hated assemblies as a kid and even worse as a teacher. They are the most cringe inducing events especially when someone is trying to induce spirit in sullen individuals (like myself). The worse one ever was when the 'snake' guy came from a school a few towns over. He was famous for his 'live' teaching of science and he had all kinds of big snakes and other reptiles. He had a python so big that it could sit across the lap of an entire Kindergarten class sitting on two long benches. Now unknown to the kids, snakes take a poop about once every couple of weeks once they have fully digested the frozen chickens they are fed. This snack chose that exact time to let it all hang out. Snack poop, screaming kindergarteners, screaming teachers, large snake freaking out and trying to beat everyone to the doors. It was horrific. Never again.