Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The book: Update number 388, 999

The I am doing the last read through before "the book" goes back to my editing team.  It is the last layer for me.  I am reading through the text and making sure the characters are consistent in every scene, that the scenes are showing not telling (that problem is more rare then it was last time) and that there is optimal genuine risk.

I've only read this dear masterpiece five times. Not to mention the nine hundred times I read, and reread a sentence to find the perfect word.  To put that into prospective, I've read my most favorite series (Harry Potter) five times.  I really love it!

At the amazing rate I am going I will make my summer deadline for myself.
Happy Dance ( / )( | )( \ )_( / )( | )( \ )_( / )( | )( \ )_( / )( | )( \ )
Have a great Wednesday!


  1. Congratulations Valerie! keep up the good owrk. I would like to be where you are on that one...