Wednesday, March 2, 2011


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Shattered the twisted, bent and torn image of me.  

Hard ass that takes no shit. 

Or is that the me deep down.  

Am I instead the one sad, wearing a smile with the weight of the world 
strapped in a bag over my shoulder.

That sounds more familiar. 

The kink in my neck, and my sore feet should have been the clue.

I can't seem to set that bag down and let it go.  

The strap must be sticky.  

Or maybe I am addicted to the sore feet...oh and that kink. 

Maybe it is because I am running too fast. 

 I create my own gravity.

The bag with all the weight can't escape.  

If I don't run, they will catch me.

I will be found out.  

Loser, failure, disappointment are tattooed on my soul

The bag is my penitence. 


  1. I like this line best: I create my own gravity.

    Beautiful writing.

    Hope you find peace.

  2. This made me think of my very first psychology class, it was a human development topic for the first lecture and the professor started out by explaining that we gather luggage and then need to get rid of it, and at every step there is more luggage to get rid of!

    So drop your full bag, rest your feet and scratch off the worries that weigh you down :-)

  3. Wow. Those are some powerful words girl! I, too like that line "I create my own gravity."

    Create it. Own it. Be happy with whoever you are. You're young, you're not expected to know everything right now. Hope you're ok.

  4. Very clear internal monologue captured poetically, and deeply introspective.

  5. "I create my own gravity." STUNNING and so true.

  6. i think in some ways we all carry those bags...

  7. Beautiful!! I can feel your writing...Hope you are OK..remember: drop the bag and run run choosing to be HAPPY!!

  8. divine writing, you are the master of your wriitng.

  9. You told us a lot about yourself in just one poem. Well written, it comes across as possibly true!

  10. welcome to JP...

    very enjoyable wriitng..
    Thanks for the tickles.

  11. original idea! thank you for sharing this.. my potluck-