Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A tribute to my sister

A sister is a little bit of childhood that can never be lost. 
 ~Marion C. Garretty

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When Mom brought me home you didn't like me taking up your lap. 

You took my toys, knocked me over- it all made me laugh. 

It was you that showed me how to pretend.  

We were a raggly pair of hot shots in our under-roos.

Before each ballet class Mom used to shove my chubby cheeks into tights.

You didn't laugh, because you knew she would be coming after you next.

When I had to take piano lessons, you looked relieved.

You always clapped on the front row of my recitals,
even if you zoned out through most of it.

An old relative gave me that chipped chalkboard.

You only complained a little when I made you sit with the stuffed animal class,
but maybe the homework was a bit excessive.

Childhood best friends, turned into teens that clung to each other for support.

I made the friends, we were a package deal.

We were both shy, didn't fit in except with each other.

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Our relationship was so easy back then.

Today, you have arguments stuck in your head, voices, anxious expectations
that make everything strained.

A very close friend of mine lost her sister yesterday.

I thought of you.

I love you, because of the history we share.

I love you because you care.

I love that even now with a single look I can make you laugh.

I love when you think you singing isn't tone deaf.

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Hug your sister today!


  1. Awwww, that is the one thing I always wished for that I never had. However, I am raising a pair of them and that brings me joy!

  2. Sigh, this made me cry :( Very well written.

  3. This is so beautiful! I don't have a sister and I've always wanted one growing up. My brother and I are close now though and I wouldn't have it any other way!

  4. What sweet thoughts. My sister has always been my best friend.

  5. this was so beautifully apt ...
    i too have an elder sister...an its funny...how we are poles apart...and weren't really close while growing up...now as adults , we enjoy each other's company so much and nothing feels better than knowing that yep..i've got her...

  6. I really like this post. My brother and I weren't close when we were growing up, in fact we used to fight a lot of the time.
    Now that we are both grown up with our own families we are a lot closer to each other and enjoy each other's company.

  7. Very nice post. You made me want to have a sister :-))

  8. smiles. a lovely tribute to your sister, it puts life into perspective when someone nearby loses someone...sorry to hear that but happy for you...

  9. That is so heart warming yet bitter sweet. Hope things can get repaired in time. I can tell you really love her. Sorry about your friend's sister.

  10. My younger sister and I were not friends until a couple of years ago when our mother died. Now she's the first person I contact when I have something to share. Lucky me!

  11. Ahh! A beautiful feeling of belongingness that never goes away... So beautiful. Thanks for sharing.. I could relate to this so much... though never had a sister of my own as we grow up with brothers... I am sure that sisters have a different feel to it and you made me realise it even more today...
    With your words, you hurt mind (Heart I thought would be a great word here) and spill tears.. I enjoyed this imagery a lot... Perfect thought for the image...

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    Om Namah Shivaya
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